Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't Misunderstand the Lyrics

As goes any kind of music review, I'm pretty open-minded.  I'm able and willing to listen to music whose lyrics are something to the effect of cutting people's heads off, drowning in misery and never coming out of it, or just plain lust, and be very objective.  In so doing, I give the band and the fans what they want.

But if there's content that is outside of my moral and ethical boundaries, I draw the line and go no further with that writing project.

I thought this was the case a few months ago when I heard "Love at First Feel," by Leona X of Seattle, Washington. 

The first few lines go like this:  "My girl is quite spectacular, she's nothing like the rest.  And when I lay my hands on her, she puts me to the test."

I was shocked!  I had just heard another song of hers called "Ready for This," which was, of course, geared toward the male population.  And now she's talking about a relationship with a girl, and not being very subtle about it, either!

I wanted out of this project...until I found out that the "she" was a guitar.


Reminder to self:  Guitars are referred to in the female pronouns.

Therefore, "Love at First Feel" is about a guitar, most likely a Gibson, finding Leona.

Other lyrics in the song include, "when I bend her G-string, I really make her scream," "Run my fingers down her neck and make her body squeal," and "She lifts me up and sets me off with her electric kiss."

Before I heard this song, I had never thought of the G-string on a guitar that.  And I get it now about the "neck" of the guitar and the "electric kiss."

This song is on Leona X's EP Ready for This.  This was how I worded my review of this song:

"Rated G for explict content about a guitar, especially its G-string.  Restricted to mature audiences who understand the serious relationship between a hard-rock goddess and her guitar."

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